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February 19, 2020

Ok, meet Paul Valdez. Some of you might already know him as the artist who created the epic Axialfest songs of the past (YouTube video below) and for his insane build style. Talk about a guy who thinks outside of the box!

His latest creation is too cool not to share. Check out this Element RC Enduro Senduro!

We caught up with Paul and asked him a few questions about his new Element project and R/C in general. This is what he had to say...

RPP Hobby: How long have you been in the RC hobby?
Paul Valdez: Ever since R/C cars were ever released I've been interested. I have been at least 7 to 8 years fully committed though. I have such a passion for it, and I love the creation aspect of it all.

RPP Hobby: What was your first R/C?
Paul Valdez: I had a Tyco Heads Up buggy when I was 12. 4 hours charging a battery for 15 minutes of fun!

RPP Hobby: What is your favorite R/C?
Paul Valdez: My SCX10 '64 impala with full lowrider capability like hydraulics with an all chrome chassis. It is my pride and joy for sure!

RPP Hobby: How many hours do you have invested in the current build?
Paul Valdez: Around 15 to 20 hours on the truck itself with lights, interior setup and dry time but around a week for the painter on the lowrider style paint job. He did an amazing job and it was his first attempt with that kind of style. I was super pleased with it.

RPP Hobby: What inspired this current build?
Paul Valdez: I had built the '64 Impala lowrider car, so I wanted a lowrider style crawler to possibly tow the car on a custom trailer.

RPP Hobby: What is next for you?
Paul Valdez: Looking to expand the hobby to people who are interested, but donít know how to get involved and may not even own a rig yet. I'm looking to start more demo programs and introduce educational programs for people to try out rigs and see if it sparks an interest. If so, we'll have the ability to help expand their passion for the hobby. We've had amazing results with testing this idea last year and this year looks to be even bigger than we could have imagined. We've been welcomed by the community with open arms when they see how much kids are drawn to this hobby and parents first questions are, "How do we get involved?". That's why I created the RC (remote control) League. A non-profit organization that grows the hobby within the community. Kids are in and parents see it as a way to experience a passion they both can be a part of together.

RPP Hobby: Do you run any other types of R/C?
Paul Valdez: Quite a few. On-road, off-road, U4, drag racing, carpet off-road, scale, comp rigs (MOA, sporty, trail), mud trucks, and boats.

RPP Hobby: What is your favorite IG page to follow for inspiration?
Paul Valdez: Tough question for sure. I like to see other builders' passions and ideas for innovation. That really isn't a favorite IG page because I do have a few I like to watch on a regular basis. Element RC and its members, Rivas Concepts and the Pro-Line groups. Lots of ideas with a variety of rigs, for sure.

RPP Hobby: What is your favorite FB page to follow for inspiration?
Paul Valdez: Another tough question. The market here, from what I watch, is huge. I canít even begin to pick a favorite. It's my main place for inspiration. Something new is always coming out. I almost have a hard time keeping up with who's doing what!

RPP Hobby: Where is your favorite place to run your scalers?
Paul Valdez: Farmington, New Mexico. The largest terrain that's basically naturally developed for some all-around crawling. Sandstone for miles and miles. You can pick a spot and be there for hours during the day or into night! You can come with a stock or fully built rig and have the same type of fun! It allows adventure for anybody, really. Plus, it makes for some really amazing shots! Nothing but beautiful terrain for sure.

RPP Hobby: Please list complete specs for your build
Paul Valdez: Sure, here ya go!
Truck - Element RC Enduro Senduro
Body - Enduro Senduro
Inner Fender - Element RC
Bumpers Front and Rear - Scaler Fab
Paint job - SKG RC Painting
Motor - Reedy 12T Brushed Radon Motor
Wheels - Hercules Hobby Wire Wheels
Tires - Element RC General Grabber 1.9 Tire
Lights - Manny Buttler- Lit Led
Interior - Pro-Line 4Runner Interior
Interior paint - Spaz Stix Black
Interior material - Red Bandanna Material
Interior Skeletons - Dollar General Halloween find
Speakers - Mike Raph- Mob Audio
Chain steering wheel - 3D Pen

RPP Hobby: Thanks for your time Paul. Keep the awesome builds coming!
Paul Valdez: Thank you guys. See you on the trail!

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