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HPI Racing Savage X Flux V2 GT-6 RTR 4WD Monster Truck

HPI Racing Savage X Flux V2 GT-6 RTR 4WD Monster Truck

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Part Number: HPI160101


As any RC fan will know, the HPI Savage changed the game for RC, unleashing rugged Monster trucks - that beg to be backflipped - onto the scene. Over the years the power and strength have increased from the original Savage 21 back in 2002...and with the arrival of brushless power came the Savage FLUX HP.

We know that the phrase "hotly anticipated" is an understatement - For years you've been asking us to bring back the Savage FLUX HP, but we knew we had to do it only when the product, supply, spares and time was just right...and that time is now

Standing backflips with a mere blip of the throttle, tire shredding, terrain destroying power that'll make you run for cover... FLUX fans know where its at! And with a raft of new features and upgrades like the new LCG Chassis Design & Layout, new Twin Clamp Motor Mount, new Twin Battery Boxes, new Center Skid Plate, new Center Gearbox, new wheels, tires, body, rugged bumpers and much more - This is nothing less than: Next Level Savage!!


The Savage started the RC Bashing movement and 2 decades later, we're still here, stronger than ever and thrilled to standing backflip back into the ring with the holy grail, the jewel in the crown... Ladies and gentlemen, the Savage is back!


A new Savage deserves a new set of brutally agressive HPI Havok 3.8" wheels, wrapped in yet another addition to the TREDZ "by HPI Racing" Tire rack. The Tredz Terrahex 3.8" Tires are designed tough, but for ultimate agility and handling at ground shaking speeds


From the Super HD Drivetrain, to the Bulletproof 29/9T Differentials, to the new Rugged Bumpers, every inch of the Savage X FLUX V2 is built to survive and dominate. With beefy suspension arms, ready to take the punishment of big-air drops while everything within is protected by the reinforced thick aluminum TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis, flanked by sturdy, new streamlined battery boxes.

Not for the faint of heart!

Like all HPI trucks, the Savage X FLUX V2 is easy to drive with the included steering wheel controller - but it should be handled with extreme caution! Hit the gas and the 6S FLUX system blasts into action and to the uninitiated things can get pretty crazy VERY quickly! Expect insane standing backflips, while mud, rocks and dirt get slung at you when you pull the trigger!

Once you get used to the power of the FLUX 2200Kv motor, you'll be able to rip off huge stunts at your local skate park, achieve crazy fast top speeds in empty parking lots and throw up huge rooster tails of dirt! The power of the Savage X FLUX V2 cannot be denied!

NEW Low Center of Gravity Chassis Design & Layout

HPI's designers approached this Next Level Savage FLUX V2 from the ground up with a view to maximising performance and above the new wheels and tires, housed in the TVP aluminum chassis is a new, efficient, streamlined layout - fully optimzed for the RC bash of your life!


Continuing the Savage's reinforcements, we're using even more HD upgrades in the standard spec! This heavy-duty servo saver spring provides more direct steering for all the new Savage X Nitro and Flux models, allowing today's stronger steering servos to give the Savage faster and more immediate steering response.


After almost 2 decades of seriously thrilling RC bashing performance, the HPI Savage has earned a reputation for being the toughest monster truck you can find. The Savage suspension has evolved along the way as well. The New Savage X FLUX V2 features the latest ultra-tough, super-thick webbed suspension arms and uprights that can take a barrage of abuse and punishment, giving you plenty of big-air thrills in their stride.


Another new addition to the Savage X FLUX is a super tough center skid plate specified by HPIs designers to protect the chassis underside and the all-important components housed within. Whilst helping to absorb shocks and protect from impact and strikes from dirt, rocks, stones and debris, it also looks great too!


For the new generation of Savages we've introduced Standardized 17mm Aluminum Hex Hubs. This means your Savage truck is ready to use any of the gigantic range of 1/8th scale buggy and truggy wheels and tires available from HPI. A large, black, serrated 17mm nut holds the wheel securely to the hub for worry-free bashing duties.

Legendary Aluminum Twin Vertical plate chassis

The beefy metal plates that house all the good stuff under the hood are synonymous with the Savage family. The 3mm thick "TVP" as we call them - are unshakeably strong, yet lightweight and provide the ultimate backbone built to handle gigantic jumps, rough landings, rolls and full-speed crashes.


With a chunkier, more aggressive than ever look, the new front and rear bumpers also have space for both 5mm and 3mm LEDs so you can add your choice of lights and light up the track while you bash


The colossally powerful FLUX MLH-2200KV motor is ready for all the power you can run through it, and the FLUX ELH-6S-capable electronic speed controller is fully capable of up to 22.2 volts of power to let you pull off giant stunts and jaw-dropping speed!!

Power your Savage X FLUX V2 with a pair of matching LiPo batteries equipped with 2S 7.4v or a whopping 3S 11.1v totalling 6S insane power!


Keeping your precious electronics safe is a veritable fortress! Building on the aluminum vertical chassis plates is a rugged, enclosed electronics box and Hex encrusted cockpit allowing airflow to hit the ELH-6S Electronic speed controller and access to the all important power button - to start the fun!!


Continuing the theme of fast access and easy operation are the new thumb latches we've included with the streamlined, redesigned battery boxes, making it easier than ever to insert fresh power and keep the action coming!


In addition to steel pinion and spur gears, the Savage FLUX V2 features all-metal transmission gears to make sure that power delivery is uninterrupted and every bit of power gets from the motor to the tires efficiently and with no worry of damage to the gears. The whole drivetrain runs on ball bearings for optimal efficiency, for extra-long runtimes and mega-fast top speeds!

NEW! Standardized 17mm Aluminum Hex Hubs
NEW! Tredz Terrahex 3.8" Tires
NEW! 3.8" Havok Wheels
NEW! Pre-Cut Factory Finished And Decaled GT-6 Bodyshell
NEW! Plastic molded body detail parts
NEW! Rugged Modern Styled Bumpers
NEW! Captured Hinge Pins
NEW! All hex hardware
NEW! LCG Chassis Design & Layout
NEW! Twin Clamp Motor Mount
NEW! Twin Battery Boxes
NEW! Center Skid Plate
NEW! Center Gearbox
4WD Shaft Driven Monster Truck
Independent Double Wishbone Suspension
Oil Filled Adjustable Coilover Shocks
Bulletproof 29/9T Differentials
ELH-6S 150A ESC & MLH-2200KV Brushless Motor
43T Steel Spur Gear - Twin Slipper Clutch

Length: 534mm
Width: 445mm
Height: 250mm
Wheelbase: 336.5mm

Needed to Complete:
4 AA batteries for transmitter

2 matching LiPo batteries with T-Plug:
and at least 4000mAh capacity and 40C discharge

Battery charger for LiPo battery

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