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HPI Racing Venture Wayfinder RTR - Gunmetal Gray

HPI Racing Venture Wayfinder RTR - Gunmetal Gray

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Part Number: HPI160511

Into the Great Outdoors

Introducing the Venture Wayfinder, an RC trail truck that embodies the spirit of exploration. The HPI Venture is your steadfast companion, ready to traverse mountains, streams and beyond. It's not just a vehicle, it's a trusted ally for your weekend jaunts or grand explorations!

The Venture combines a realistic front-motor position and formed steel C-channel chassis rails with a realistic suspension and drivetrain. The new Wayfinder body augments the Venture framework, resulting in a unique off-road experience we're proud to provide. The Wayfinder body is meticulously crafted and available in two distinctive color options - a glossy metallic Gunmetal and a vibrant metallic Orange. The design details extend beyond the primary coloring, featuring black accents that embellish the arch extenders and sills creating a striking contrast.
Clear windows provide a realistic look, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the model. With front and rear bumpers, mirrors, a functional roof rack, and a swing-away spare tire mount, the Venture provides an authentic trail experience.

Several Optional parts are now standard equipment. Including the Aluminum lower link set, Aluminum rear 4 link and Universal front driveshafts. The vehicle’s performance is further enhanced by authentically scaled oil-filled shock absorbers and full-time locked differentials, paired with realistically treaded tires, ensuring dependable handling in all off-road conditions.

NEW Wayfinder Body
The Wayfinder body included with the Venture RTR kit is completely outfitted with a range of fabulous scale items. In addition to the hand-painted polycarbonate body on its own, you'll find a pair of side mirrors, a functional roof rack ready for a range of scale accessories, a working swing-away spare tire mount on the back bumper, working D-ring shackles on the front and rear bumpers, tubular brush guard and mounts for LED lights on the front bumper, and adjustable-width rock rails that help the truck glide over tough obstacles.

Scale Chassis Design and Layout
The Venture features a formed steel C-channel chassis and cross braces as the foundation for a realistic truck chassis. The 35-turn crawler-spec motor and the transmission are mounted right up front - just like in a real truck! For additional weight up front, the steering servo is also mounted to the chassis next to the motor. The standard battery position has been moved to be further forward and lower down in the truck to improve handling.

Includes HPI Option Parts
The Venture scale crawler truck is packed with features already (you can read all about them below), and the Wayfinder version includes a selection of hand-picked options that will make it even more capable not just on the trail, but also through the most difficult terrain. If you already have a Venture, all of these options are also available separately to enhance and strengthen your truck.
Front Universal Driveshafts
Front Universal Driveshafts - these are stronger than the standard dogbones, and are also completely rebuildable for when you need to perform routine maintenance. They also increase the steering angle for easier turning around obstacles.
6mm Aluminum Lower Links
Aluminum Lower Links - machined from 6mm thick aluminum alloy and then anodized to match the shock bodies and motor plate, these burly metal links help stiffen the suspension and allow the dual-stage shocks to do their duties to the utmost.
4-Link Rear Suspension
4-Link Rear - adding extra articulation to the rear axle gives extra grip at critical moments, such as when side-hilling up steep embankments, giving you the confidence to take the Venture to the extreme limits of scale crawler performance.
Balanced Weight Distribution
The chassis layout of the Venture, with the forward-mounted motor and transmission, plus the chassis-mounted servo (CMS), puts the weight at the front end, giving the Venture ultra-realistic driving performance and great handling when hitting the trail.

Battery placement options
The chassis layout of the Venture Wayfinder can be adjusted with three distinct battery positions, right out of the box! We have included the parts to convert your Wayfinder to run any of these three battery locations.

The Front Battery Tray allows you to put your battery pack right up front. The front battery tray replaces the radio box so you'll want to make sure you are running a waterproof receiver like the RF-41WP!

The standard position for the Ready-to-Run Venture is just behind the central gearbox and as low in the chassis as you can get. With the NiMH battery installed, this position gives a slightly forward weight balance and the best centre of gravity.

The rear position is as close to a 50/50 weight balance as you can get!

All-Metal Transmission
The Venture features strong metal gears throughout its transmission. With a main gear set taken from the ultra-fast and ultra-strong Savage XS Flux, the Venture drivetrain can handle LiPo power up to 3S without any upgrades.

Perfect Off-Road Trail Gearing
With the transmission drive ration of 1.53:1, the overall drivetrain ratio is 7.6:1 for good all-around gearing and a final drive ratio of 30.4:1 out of the box. This will get you up or down most trails and get you started climbing difficult incines. With pinion gears of 12-28 teeth, you can get final drive ratios of 30.4:1 to 16.2:1. You can easily alter the ratio with an optional 56-tooth spur and pinion gears from 19-32 teeth for final drive ratios of 22.4:1 to 13.3:1

Center Transfer Case
In addition to the motor and transmission at the front, the Venture features a centrally mounted transfer case with a gear ratio of 1.5:1. Whilst putting the maximum amount of weight on the front of the chassis, the central location of the transfer case allows the drivetrain to sit low and down the centerline of the chassis so the driveshafts are perpendicular to the axles for maximum power transfer to the tires.

Low Angle Driveshafts
The low angle and central position of the driveshafts allow for maximum power transfer, so as much power as possible reaches the tires. The driveshafts are composite slider-style shafts with universal joints at each end, where they meet the transfer case and axle. At the axles, 13-tooth pinions and 43-tooth ring gears (axle ratio of 3.31:1) sit inside the "pumpkin" or center of the axles. Each differential is equipped with metal diff lockers for pure 4WD traction at all times.

Adjustable Slipper Clutch
An externally adjustable slipper lets you tackle slick rocks and loose surfaces without having to make big changes to the setup of the Venture. Correct adjustment gives you the perfect amount of power and grip by reducing wheelspin - and the easy to reach adjustment nut lets you make quick adjustments on the trail.

Maximized Clearance Angles
The Venture chassis is loaded with potential, making it extremely versatile on the trail and up tough climbing routes. Its capability lies in several factors, including off-road friendly clearance angles from the tire contact points to the bumpers and chassis, as well as good ground clearance thanks to its minimal diff case size.

Break-over angle: 44.5 degrees
Approach angle: 55 deg
Departure angle: 45.5 deg
Max climb angle: 49 deg
Max tilt angle: 28 deg
Axle articulation: 30 deg
Ground clearance 68mm capable: (2.7")
Ground clearance at standard ride height 60mm: (2.4")
Axle ground clearance 32mm: (1.3")

Trail-Ready Suspension
Good suspension is at the heart of every off-road vehicle, and this principle is evident everywhere you look on the Venture chassis. From the aluminum mounts on the axles to the dual-stage shock absorbers, the Venture is packed with advanced features - without purchasing optional parts! The Venture can perform on any trail, thanks to adjustable oil-filled shock absorbers and standard-sized 12mm hex hubs to fit a huge range of scale wheels and tires.

Factory-assembled & pre-painted electric-powered full-time 4WD 1/10 scale off-road truck
Hand-painted polycarbonate Wayfinder body
Functional roof rack plus side mirrors
Front bumper features brush guard, light mounts and D-ring shackles
Rear bumper features swing-away spare tire mount and D-ring shackles
Adjustable rock rail side sliders help the truck get over tough obstacles
Formed steel C-channel chassis rails
Front Universal Driveshafts
Front-mount motor and transmission position for ultimate scale realism
Front weight bias improves climbing traction and provides more realistic driving
Parts for all three battery positions are included with the Wayfinder
All-metal gear drivetrain for extreme durability
Central transfer case with slider driveshafts to front and rear differentials
Transfer case prevents motor stall for the best climbing action
Transfer case also straightens & lowers center driveshafts for more efficient power transfer
Axles feature small diff case or "pumpkin" size for best possible ground clearance
Aluminum differential pumpkin cover
Locked differentials for superb off-road climbing traction
12mm aluminum hex hubs to fit any available crawler wheels
Shock towers have multiple shock mounting positions to allow for wheelbase options
BTA (Behind The Axle) steering linkage for improved approach and departure angles
Panhard bar for scale looks and optimized geometry with zero bump steer
Zero Ackermann high steer knuckle design for improved obstacle clearance and tighter turning radius
3-link front and triangulated 4-link rear suspension
Oil-filled aluminum coilover shock absorbers (63-90mm stroke)
Adjustable threaded shock bodies for quick ride height changes
Dual-stage shock springs
Aluminum lower link/shock mounts
Aluminum panhard mounts
CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) realistic steering setup
Adjustable body mounting to fit any style of off-road body
Fully braced rear body mounts
All-terrain Rockthorn 109mm x 38mm soft S-Compound tires with chunky tread blocks
Beadlock style CR-10 ten-spoke 1.9” wheels
HPI 35-turn crawler spec motor provides speed as well as crawling torque
HPI waterproof SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition adjustable electronic speed control
HPI water-resistant SS-30MGWR steering servo
HPI 2.4GHz radio system with carry handle
HPI waterproof 2.4GHz receiver in a protective case
Full set of ball bearings
Includes NiMH battery and charger and 4 AA batteries for radio transmitter


Length: 527mm (20.7")
Width: 227mm (9")
Height: 238mm (9.4") with roof rack, 217mm (8.5") without (will vary depending on tire choice and suspension settings)
Wheelbase: 311mm (12.3")
Front overhang: 101mm (3.9")
Rear overhang: 135mm (5.3")

Running weight: 2.4kg (5.3lbs)
Weight without battery: 2.1kg (4.7lbs)
Body Weight: 0.21kg (7.44oz)

Break-over angle: 44.5 degrees
Approach angle: 55 deg
Departure angle: 45.5 deg
Max climb angle: 49 deg
Max tilt angle: 28 deg
Axle articulation: 30 deg
Ground clearance 68mm capable: (2.7")
Ground clearance at standard ride height 60mm: (2.4")
Axle ground clearance 32mm: (1.3")

Drivetrain ratio: 7.6:1
Transmission gearing: 1.53:1
Axle gearing: 3.31:1
Transfer case gearing: 1.5:1

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